Project Description

PT will support the management and administration of all aspects of the MINDUP project. PT’s communications team will also support communication and dissemination of the project and its results, and preparation of materials for the future replication of the MINDUP intervention.

Pintail Limited, PT

Mr Ciaran Clissmann is founder and director of Pintail Ltd. Over the last 18 years, he has grown Pintail to the largest and most successful Irish company specialising in large publicly-funded projects. Apart from projects funded by the EU, he has also helped to create and manage several large industry-academic collaborations in Ireland (total funding >200 million euro), as well as major philanthropies (Atlantic), charities (Cancer Research UK, Wellcome Trust) and UK agencies (Innovate UK).

Dr Kylie O’Brien is the senior EU projects consultant at Pintail. She has extensive experience in managing and successfully delivering EU projects, particularly those which have very large consortia, very challenging scientific objectives, and which are funded under less-common programmes, such as IMI2 and Fast Track to Innovation.