Project Description

NSRF will lead the MINDUP pilot, implement the MINDUP intervention in Ireland and contribute to the pilot and cluster randomised controlled trial analysis (WP8), as well as support project management.

National Suicide Research Foundation, NSRF

Dr Eve Griffin is a research fellow with the NSRF and manager of the National Self-Harm Registry Ireland. She is Lead Researcher on the National Self-Harm Registry Ireland and has significant experience in conducting research in the area of suicide prevention, as well as translating this work for relevant stakeholders, in order to inform policy and clinical practice.

Dr Paul Corcoran is Head of Research in the NSRF. He is an epidemiologist with more than twenty years of experience in suicidal behaviour research. Paul is also a Senior Lecturer with the School of Public Health. He was the Irish Principal Investigator of the EU-funded Saving and Empowering Young Lives in Europe (SEYLE) randomised controlled trial.

Eileen Williamson

Eileen Williamson works as the Chief Executive Officer at the National Suicide Research Foundation and co-ordinates the Operations Group.  She commenced employment with the late Dr Michael J Kelleher in 1994 and is a founder member of the NSRF.  She holds an MBS (Hons) Degree in Health Services Management from University College Cork.  She oversees the daily management of the NSRF research team and has specific responsibility for finance, legal and human resource related issues. In particular, she protects the financial assets and formulates, negotiates and controls the annual budget.