Project Description

LSHTM brings unique experience in engaging and supporting research activities in Low and Middle Income Countries, like Albania and Kosovo, and will support pilot and cluster randomised controlled trial implementation of the MINDUP intervention in Albania and Kosovo.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, LHSTM

Dr Arlinda Cerga Pashoja is the co-Deputy Director of the Centre for Global Mental Health. She is a Research Fellow at LSHTM and experienced trial manager with a background in Psychology. Arlinda has also worked both clinically and as a researcher for the National Health Service in the UK, with a focus on depression and refugees from South-Eastern Europe. Arlinda is currently the PI for ImplementAll in the UK.

Asmae Doukani

Asmae Doukani is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Mental Health with a particular interest in the development and evaluation of digital mental health interventions. She has worked across a range of research projects, primarily involving the development, evaluation and implementation of e-mental health interventions across Europe and in low-and-middle-income countries. Her most recent role involved working in a multinational European Commission funded project that aims to implement e-interventions for common mental health problems in EU and Australia (ImpleMentall Trial). Asmae is also undertaking a part-time PhD at the Centre for Global Mental Health at LSHTM, in which she is exploring the mechanisms of positive therapeutic change, in a computerised cognitive behavioural therapy intervention. Prior to joining LSHTM, Asmae worked in a range of roles pertaining to mental health, within a research, clinical and advocacy capacity.