Project Description

LUCAS, Center for Care Research and Consultancy is responsible for the central data centre and analysis of the pilot and cluster randomised controlled trial, and will contribute their perspective regarding evaluation during the development and optimisation of the MINDUP intervention.

Prof. Chantal Van Audenhove is the director of LUCAS KU Leuven and professor in psychology and applied communication in the faculty of Medicine. Her research in mental health care is focused on the prevention of depression and suicide, quality of mental health care, as well as on the evaluation of mental health reforms towards primary and community mental health care. Most of her research is implementation science aimed to contribute to policy development and linking perspectives of relevant stakeholders in a systematic way.

Dr. Evelien Coppens is a postdoctoral researcher at LUCAS – KU Leuven. Over the years, she developed expertise in the field of mental health care, youth care, prevention of mental problems, depression and suicide, promotion of mental health and stigma. As a researcher, she is involved in numerous national and international research projects.

Dr. Inge Neyens is MSc in psychology and PhD in applied economics, specialized in work and organizational psychology. As a postdoctoral researcher at LUCAS, she realized mostly studies about work and mental health as well as on bullying, violence and sexual harassment in SME’s. She is a senior consultant at Pulso-Europe.

Fotini Tsantila is MSc in social clinical psychology, addiction and psychosocial problems. She is specialized in mental health care, psychosocial interventions and social constructions about mental health. Her research interests are in the area of clinical psychology, work and organizational psychology, and implementation science.